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Isuzu Stock Clearance for Year Made 2019

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

Isuzu Dealer giving out Isuzu Lorry Promotion 2020

In conjunction with our new branch opening, we are offering a very good discount for our famous NPR81UKH model.

NPR81UKH Selling Points:

Fast selling model due to its competitive pricing.

Engine 4,778 c.c. and 135 h.p. good combination of high engine performance & fuel saving.

Body length of 16ft (original) and 18ft, 20ft and 21ft (extension).

BIG Promotion NOW for YM2019:

RM10k Discount

FOC Airfoil

Download pricelist >> Click here.

Recommended Unit: Corrugated Box (Body Length 16ft)

Do you know the body above is made of highly durable corrugated steel?

  • It offers you total protection to your cargo and requires minimal maintenance.

  • It is a heavy-duty logistic solution.

NPR81UKH also offers a taller & wider cargo body of about 16ft (L) x 7.5ft (W) x 8ft (H).

Download our promotion pricelist >> click below.

TRV Isuzu Price List v Corrugated Box
Download PD • 376KB

Book your vehicle with us whilst stocks last. For more information:

☎️ 018-255 6000 [Office]

Whilst stocks last!


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