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Loan Calculator for Isuzu Truck

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In this official website of Isuzu dealer, you will find a very useful car loan calculator to calculate your car loan interest rate and monthly installment.

The hire purchase budget planning is so simple with our car loan calculator. Just contact us for loan submission, we will apply car loan for your Isuzu truck and source for you the best interest rate.

Our sales executives work closely with bankers to make the loan approval process easy, simple and quick. Of course, to also advise you on the best available rates.

For loan application of your commercial lorry, just prepare the following documents:

1.    NRIC of all directors
2.    Driving License and GDL License of authorized signatory director* 
       [OR to submit NRIC, Driving License and GDL License of your company driver.]

3.    6 months’ Bank Statements for Operating Account 

4.    SSM Documents (full set) - Form 9, 24, 44 & 49

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Loan Calculator for Isuzu Truck
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Taking up a loan is the most common way of getting advances when buying a vehicle. We make the calculation of your monthly installment at just one click.

Simply key in our loan calculator below to get your monthly installment amount !

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Vehicle Loan Calculator


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