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Our Success


since 1980'

Our Company

Truck Venture Sdn Bhd (TRV) is an authorized Isuzu dealer in Petaling Jaya. For all you know, TRV is the only authorized Isuzu truck dealer in the PJ neighborhood. Premised on the strategic location, TRV delivers the best sales coverage in the KL Selangor area.

TRV also works closely with the Isuzu principal office in Malaysia, Isuzu Malaysia Sdn Bhd, in ensuring our commercial customers are served satisfactorily and the vehicles purchased fulfilled its business needs.

With strong customer support, we are proud and grateful to announce that our Company is No. 1 Isuzu Truck Dealer in Petaling Jaya. We are specialists in selling all kinds of Commercial Trucks. We have a good track record of delivering bulk purchase of trucks to large corporate customers and also customizing the body application according to customer’s specifications.

Our History

Our success is built on the long track record of our Group companies.  Our motor vehicle trading business mainly operates under our principal company, Seemsoon Motor Enterprise Sdn Bhd, since 1980’. Seemsoon is well-known in Ipoh town for its multi-vehicle dealerships and “One-Stop” center – a chain of services involving new vehicle sales, used vehicle trading, hire purchase arrangement, insurance, etc., to provide greatest convenience and pleasure to our customers in dealing with us.

Our Group companies have always sought to expand our car trading business. Over the past few decades, we grew rapidly in both used car trading and the new car automotive industry. Until today, our group of companies has gathered many years of experience and business track records under our care in both commercial and private car trading business.

Our Management Team

TRV is an associate company of Seemsoon which shares common directorship and leverages off the management team under our Directors, Mdm. Tan Khin Huah, Ms. Loo Siel Wooi, Ms. Loo Siok Yee and Ms. Loo Siok Hua. Our directors have ranging from 20 to 50 years of knowledge, experience and skill in the automotive industry.

The Isuzu dealership under TRV is principally managed and led by Ms. Loo Siok Hua. 

Please grant your support to our company. We are committed to delivering to you the most suitable and finest quality vehicle.

Thank you.

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