Isuzu Lorry Wooden Cargo Long Body

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

What's the maximum length of our NPR lorry? The answer is 21ft.

For a lorry with 2ft dropside, the railing permitted is 2ft.

However, where one can justify the specific goods it carries, which require higher railing for safety purposes and not intend to overload the vehicle, higher railing like the photo below is allowed.

Like in the photo, the goods carried by the company is light in nature and large/long in size. Higher railing is allowed.

Isuzu Lorry NPR75UKH, Wooden Cargo 21ft
Isuzu Lorry Wooden Cargo, Long Body 21ft
Isuzu Lorry Wooden Body
Isuzu Lorry Steel Railing and Canvas Frame

Permitted goods onboard:

  • Furniture, plastic parts, boxes and empty drums;

  • Livestock; and

  • Vegetables, fruits and flowers.

Please contact us for more information/price quotation.

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