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Isuzu Continues to Top Rankings of Malaysia Commercial Vehicle Sales

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA) 1st Quarter 2020 Sales - Isuzu top ranking in commercial vehicle sales

According to the latest release of Q1 2020 result, Isuzu continues to occupy the top position in commercial vehicle sales with a total 1,576 vehicle sold. It is then followed by Hino and subsequently Fuso in the same competition segment.

No exception to Isuzu. The sales have dropped due to the effect of the Movement Control Order (MCO), where the dealers only had half of the operating month in March. In fact, the decline in sales had already started before MCO in light of the dampened economy outlook since the beginning of the year.

In times of the bad economy, it is encouraging to see Isuzu has actually performed better than its competitors by gaining a bigger market share. There is an increase of 1.5% of the market share portion as compared to the same quarter last year (Q1 2019).

Data compiled and taken from Credit to Paul Tan's Automotive News Blog.

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