Isuzu Lorry Aluminium Box 16' 6" (Model: NPR81UKH)

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Our customer chose a nice red striking color of aluminium box. 《Please enlarge the video for better view》

The aluminium box comes with 3 doors (i.e. 2 rear doors and 1 side door). Customer added 3 more doors like in the video to ensure the stocks or pallets get unloaded easily at both sides of the lorry.

In deciding the number of doors and position, customer will normally consider the type of goods or cargo onboard, how to unload etc... Specifications of the box are customised according to customer's needs. Worry not, our body builder takes in your instruction and works out your requirement!

Let's go and look at the interior. The model comes with 2 interior lights, e-track and water-proof tego film floorboard. But.. if you are looking for other types of floorboard e.g. 3.0mm M/S chequered plate, flat steel plate etc.. Yes, we can do it for you!

Let's check out our nice lorry photo below!

Isuzu Lorry Aluminum Box
Isuzu Box Lorry
Isuzu Lorry NPR81UKH
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