Isuzu Lorry 16.5ft Wooden Cargo, No Railing (Model: NPR81UKH)

Updated: Jan 9

Wooden Cargo without Railing - some ask us whether they can request for wooden cargo "without railing". Of course, the simple answer is YES.

For road user safety purposes, JPJ provides that all the goods in the lorry must not be higher than the existing railing. The function of the wooden / steel railing is for the lorry to carry more goods. The business owners can simply stack the goods higher in the lorry to make fewer trips.

For some business owners e.g. road maintenance & paving services, we understand that they just don't need the railing and we can just do without it.

New Isuzu NPR81UKH, BDM 7,500kg

- 16.5ft original wheelbase body


~ 135ps@2,600rpm

~ 372Nm@1,600rpm


Body Specification:

~ Wooden Cargo 16.5ft, with 2.5ft Wooden Dropsides

~ Direct 3.0mm Steel Cheq Plate


Isuzu Lorry 3 Ton Price
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Isuzu Lorry Wooden Cargo
New Isuzu Lorry

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