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Isuzu Lorry 16.5ft Curtain Sider (Model: NPR81UKH)

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

Make good use of your lorry as your advertising tools! Your lorry represents your company brand image. You may now design your lorry and put on big banner (known as Curtain Sider) on your lorry.

Imagine how frequent and how far your lorry travels. This is as much as your advertisement could reach, as all the road users travelling along the way will see your company advertisement. Isn't it a good branding image for your company?

No need for advertisement? Plain Curtain Sider? Yes, we can do it as well. Let's look at our plain curtain sider unit below.

[Note: Color of the Curtain is available for you to choose.]

New Isuzu NPR81UKH, BDM 7,500kg

- 16.5ft original wheelbase body


~ 135ps@2,600rpm

~ 372Nm@1,600rpm


Body Specification:

~ Curtain Sider 16.5ft

~ 2 deck Steel Railing, 3ft each (Total: 8 pcs)

~ Flooring Direct 4.0mm Steel Cheq Plate

Isuzu Lorry Curtain Sider
New Lorry with 16.5ft Curtain Sider
Lorry Steel Railing and 4.0mm Steel Cheq Plate Flooring
New Lorry 4 Ton
Blue Curtain Sider Lorry
Curtain Sider Lorry, with plain blue curtain
New Lorry display at Petaling Jaya Showroom
Curtain Sider, with buckles
Curtain (Brand Name: Truck Sider)
Interior view of the Curtain Sider Lorry

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