Isuzu Lorry 16.5ft Basic Wooden Cargo (Model: NPR81UKH)

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Need a very basic lorry to transport your cargo? Let us introduce to you the most basic body of Wooden Cargo!

New Isuzu NPR81UKH, BDM 7,500kg

- 16.5ft original wheelbase body


~ 135ps@2,600rpm

~ 372Nm@1,600rpm


Body Specification:

~ Wooden Cargo of 16.5ft Long, with 2ft Wooden Dropsides

~ Wooden Flooring

~ FOC 2ft Wooden Railing

Isuzu Wooden Cargo, Original Body 16.5ft
Lori Isuzu Badan Kayu
Isuzu Lorry 3 Ton
New Lorry, by Isuzu Dealer at Petaling Jaya
Isuzu Lorry 6 Speed Manual Transmission
Isuzu Lorry Wooden Cargo 3 Ton
Wooden Cargo Isuzu Lorry 16.5 feet
Lori Badan Kayu Baru

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