Isuzu Lorry 14.5ft Steel Cargo, AWAS PANJANG Drawer (Model: NLR77UHE)

A 14.5ft lorry body is good enough for you to carry long items. Occasionally, you might be carrying items even longer than 14.5ft? Worry not, we have a solution for you! Yes, you can instal an extendable drawer on your lorry.

By instaling a drawer (Awas Panjang), you have a total body length of 17.5ft to fit in your long items, such as long pipes, steel rods, roller shutters etc... Rest assured, the Awas Panjang drawer comes with relevant JPJ & Puspakom approval.

New Isuzu NLR77UHE, BDM 4,800kg

- 14ft long wheelbase body (original)



~230Nm@1,400 - 3,200rpm


Body Specification:

~14.5ft Steel Cargo Body

~2ft height Steel Dropside & 2ft height Steel Railing

~Flooring 3.0mm Steel Cheq Plate

~3ft Extendable Drawer / Awas Panjang (with valid Approvals)

New Isuzu Lorry Steel Cargo White Color at Showroom
Awas Panjang Drawer JPJ Puspakom Approval
Isuzu Lorry 14ft Steel Cargo
Lori Isuzu 14kaki Badan Cargo Besi
Lori Isuzu Panjang 14kaki dengan Laci Awas Panjang
Awas Panjang Lori Isuzu

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