Isuzu Lorry 14.5 feet White Aluminium Box (Model: NLR77UHE)

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Let's start with watching our nice video on this lorry!

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New Isuzu NLR77UHE, BDM 4,800kg

- 14.5ft long wheelbase body (original)




This lorry is a 4 wheeler lorry, comes with original 14.5ft body. Berat Dengan Muatan is 4,800kg, just nice for a newly start-up enterprise or company. Not too small, and at the same time, capable of loading more goods.


Body Specification:

~14.5ft Aluminium Box Body

~Standard 2 Rear Doors + 1 Side Door

~Floorboard 3.0mm Direct Steel Chequer Plate

~Side Wall Aluminium Chequer Plate up to 4ft Height

~Airfoil F.O.C

~Box Paint F.O.C, color at your choice

The body is made of light material, i.e. Aluminium Box. Floorboard is steel material, which is very tahan lasak. Side wall is also wrapped with an additional layer of Aluminium cheq plate, to withstand the impact of goods/cargo knocking the side wall.

Let's check out our nice lorry photo below!

New lorry displayed at Isuzu dealer showroom
New Lorry with One Side Door Opened for Display
New Lorry Interior showing 4 feet Aluminium Chequer PlateSide Wall and Direct 3.0mm Steel Chequer Plate Flooring
New Lorry with Aluminium Box Body showing two back doors
New Lorry Displayed at Showroom For Sale

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