Isuzu Lorry 13ft Wooden Cargo for Vegetable/Fish/Fruits/Flowers (Model: NLR77UEE)

Need a suitable lorry to transport your goods to your other branch/customer, just to make sure the freshness reach them safely?

No worries, we have what you are looking for, our 13ft Wooden Cargo is the best choice for you. Not too BIG, not too small and it is just nice. Also, you can add “LONGKANG” at each side of the Wooden Cargo which is easier to wash your lorry before your next trip.

New Isuzu NLR77UEE, BDM 4,800kg

- 13ft extended-wheelbase body



~230Nm@1,400 - 3,200rpm


Body Specification:

~13ft Wooden Cargo Body

~2ft height Wooden Dropside & 2ft height Steel Railing

~Flooring Stainless Steel, with 2 longkang & pipes

~Canvas & Canvas Frame

New Lorry Isuzu Brand
Isuzu Lorry Wooden Body
Isuzu Lorry 1 Ton
Lori Baru 1 Tan

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