Isuzu Lorry 10ft Insulator Box (Model: NLR85UEEN)

Insulator Box is designed to carry frozen goods. The material of insulator box is akin to "Ice Box", to keep your goods cold.

Other dry box (e.g. Aluminium Box, Fiber Box and Corrugated Steel Box) cannot shield your cargo from hot temperature in Malaysia, but an Insulator Box could do so and keep your cargo frozen within a few hours' short journey till your destination.

We can also custom make your lorry and install cooling system that can keep your goods within specific temperature. Cooling system temperature ranges from -25 degree to +25 degree.

Let's take a look at our lorry specifications and our sample photos! Get one for yourself or simply just contact us for more information.

New Isuzu NLR85UEEN, BDM 4,800kg

- 10ft short wheelbase body (original)



~330Nm@1,600 - 2,600rpm

Body Specification:

~10ft Insulator Box

~External building material: Fiberglass Sheet

~Internal Wall: Fully Stainless Steel Sheet (Add-On: 1ft Aluminium Cheq Plate Side Wall All Round)

~Floorboard: Corrugated Stainless Steel Flooring

~1 Side Door: 4ft Door Width (All Doors c/w PVC Strips)

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