Isuzu Lorry 10ft Aluminium Box (Model: NLR77UEE)

10ft body size is the smallest lorry among our wide range of models.

This is our 10ft Aluminium Box with Rasak Wood flooring. It follows the standard 3 doors and Plywood Side Wall design; however, flooring is custom-made upon request of our customer. Rasak Wood flooring provides secured support for our customer's goods onboard.

New Isuzu NLR77UEE, BDM 4,800kg

- 10ft short wheelbase body (original)



~230Nm@1,400 - 3,200rpm


Body Specification:

~10ft Aluminium Box, Standard 3 doors

~Plywood Side Wall with 2ft Steel Plate All Round

~Rasak Wood Flooring

~1 row of eTrack LHS & RHS


New Isuzu 1 Ton Lorry
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Isuzu Authorised Dealer in Petaling Jaya
Isuzu Lorry Bonded Rasak Wood Flooring

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