Isuzu 4x4 Steel Fixed Sided

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

The common type of body for our famous Isuzu 4x4 is steel tipper. Like this 👇

Isuzu Lorry 4x4, common body type is steel tipper and wooden tipper

But... besides steel tipper, what can an Isuzu 4x4 do?

Answer is:

Fixed Sided Canvas Frame

NPS 4x4 Steel Fixed Sided Lorry
Isuzu 4x4 High Fixed Sided Lorry
Isuzu 4x4 lorry carrying vegetable
Isuzu 4x4 Steel Body Lorry


✔ Can enter into muddy terrain with 4x4

High body & Wide Angle - can handle off-road routes and rough jungle road!

Fixed sided railing - Better protection to the harvest/crop. Not easily flung out of the lorry!

Canvas on top - Shaded from Sun & Rain

Isuzu 4x4 masuk hutan

We can do more than just a conventional lorry!

  • You state down your requirements, we work out the body specs for you!

Out of conventional, no problem for plan drawing!

For price inquiry, please WhatsApp us at 018-255 6000.


You can also click for the brochure & price list.

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