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Automatic Manual Transmission Isuzu Lorry (Smoother Series)

Updated: Jun 3

If passenger cars and buses have automatic gear, why can't a lorry? Technology has advanced so much. And YES!

Isuzu does have an automatic manual transmission lorry!

Automatic Manual Transmission - Is it automatic? Or is it the manual gear? Let's check out our video below.

You can also watch our localized Bahasa teaching version from our Isuzu Malaysia professional trainer.

Oh, not easy to understand? Let's check out the feedback review from a blogger.


Automatic Manual Transmission (AMT) gives you a combined benefit of "Automatic" and "Manual" transmission. It's not fully automatic, where you can't have control over the gear speed. Well, you can control the gear (like in the video) if you drive around with our Isuzu AMT model.

This Isuzu Model is branded as "Smoother AMT" which signifies a Smoother Drive, with the convenience of driving without manual gear shifting and clutch-less foot pedals.

Isuzu offers a variance body size of 10ft and 14ft (4 wheelers). For 6 wheelers, the available body range is 14ft, 16ft, 18ft, 20ft and 21ft. Click here to check out our price list!

Drive like a boss! For bosses who are running trips outside, treat yourself better with AMT Isuzu.

Business is tough and competitive, Isuzu AMT could definitely make your life easier. Invest a little, and bring back more!


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