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Lorry Cab Tilt

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Imagine that you have to lift a monstrous size of cab. It is not going to be easy, right?

No, you are wrong. Realizing not everyone is strong to tilt a cab, Isuzu lorry come with hydraulic cab tilt. Here is a video on how to lift a cab.

User safety is very important and this is what the safety first Japanese brand has been promoting. The cab tilt comes with 3 levers to ensure the cab is unlocked safely and securely, to avoid the mistake of pulling 1 lever out of random. Once the cab is unlocked, you are just there to guide the cab to be lifted. It comes with safety lock for the mechanics to lock and keep the cab uplifted and work on the inner parts.


What is even more interesting?

Our heavy duty model, Isuzu GIGA FXZ 360, comes with electric driven hydraulic cab tilt. By just 1 press of the button, the cab is lifted! It is so good with the enhanced safety by allowing for easy access to any repairs on the job site. Furthermore, the electric operated cab tilt systems substantially reduce the effort required to open and close hood/cab.

How to tilt Isuzu Truck Cab? It is easy and simple using hydraulic cab tilt.
Isuzu Truck Cab Tilt

Tilting a cab is so easy for users after all.

Isuzu is the No. 1 user-friendly choice for all lorry drivers.

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